A winter gathering

Thanks to the kind hospitality of Margaret and Max Hamilton, a reunion of sorts for The School Magazine was on the agenda recently. Former Editor Kath Hawke, who edited The School Magazine between 1982 and 1988; retired illustrator Astra Lãcis, whose artwork appeared in the Magazine's pages for about fifty years; acclaimed author-illustrator Tohby Riddle, who is also a past Editor and a current ambassador of The School Magazine; and current team member and Publications Officer Karen Jameyson, all gathered together at Pinerolo, the Children's Book Cottage, at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.

How appropriate in this centenary year that such a unique gathering could take place. Despite the seriously cold winter weather, many warm recollections about past Magazine team members and events were shared, and discussions of children's literature abounded in this special nook of original art and children's books.

Pinerolo winter meetup