Due to the overwhelming response to our recent call-out for texts on specific topics, we currently have sufficient manuscripts to meet our needs.

Please watch this space for notification, in the not-too-distant future, of when we will again invite authors to submit manuscripts, along with the next group of topics that we will be seeking texts on.



The School Magazine only accepts manuscripts via email. The email address to use is: submissions.tsm@det.nsw.edu.au

We publish short stories, articles, plays, poems and activities for primary school children. All material must have literary and academic merit. The School Magazine reserves the right to edit magazines according to the needs of our publications.

Each magazine in upcoming issues will have a set topic and we welcome submissions that relate one of these topics. We are currently calling for manuscripts on:

  • Asia
  • Science Fiction
  • Celebrate Australia

Submission guidelines

  • Send your manuscript as a Word document attached to an email.
  • Please only send one manuscript per email.
  • We will accept a maximum of 12 unsolicited manuscripts from any writer in a calendar year.
  • Please ensure that your writing is carefully edited, formatted in an easy-to-read font and double-spaced.

Each manuscript should begin with the following information:

  • Your name (and pen name, if this is different)
  • Your email address
  • A statement verifying that the work is original and that you have the right to submit it to us
  • If the work has been previously published, details of when and where it was published
  • Which of our topics the text relates to, if this is applicable
  • Word count for stories, articles, plays and activities, line count for poems
  • Four or five key words to help us identify the topics, themes, styles, and subjects

We aim to contact you by email within 90 days of receiving your manuscript with the outcome of your submission. Please note that we do not offer editorial feedback on manuscripts.

Word lengths

Poetry: generally, 30 lines maximum.

Stories: up to 2000 words - shorter for younger readers.

Plays: up to 1500 words, though shorter plays are appreciated.

Articles: word lengths vary. 

               - One-page nonfiction: 300-400 words maximum

               - Feature articles: 1000-2000 words maximum

Note that these word lengths are guidelines only but that we encourage you to keep all submissions short, as space is at a premium in our publications.

Submission tips

Visit our Submission tips page for more insights into how to write a successful manuscript.