Althea Aseoche

Althea self portrait

Althea was always the quiet kid scribbling in the corner. Being an only child, she spent her days filling notebooks with hand-written stories, fabricated alphabets, puzzles and doodles of characters. Her parents couldn't afford paper dolls so she made her own. This was the best thing, because she could make an endless wardrobe of clothes for her paper dolls! Who knew that a childhood of notebook scribbling would lead to a career in art? Growing up, Althea wanted to be many things: an astronaut, a gymnast, a palaeontologist, an actress and more, but in the end she studied art in school and now draws every day for various creative projects in kids' television, film, print and multimedia. Nothing's changed, really. She's still a quiet kid scribbling away … 

When she puts down her notebook, Althea goes scuba diving. Althea sometimes imagines that in another life she was a Coral Sea turtle, and when diving she can visit her friends, a handful of very nice grey nurse sharks, weedy sea dragons and even a few radical-thinking turtles who support her career in creativity.

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