Your magazine is so cool because you have cool cartoons, crosswords and very good poems. The plays are very hilarious. You have magic tricks that are amazing but quite hard. I really like the puzzling tales. You make the best mag! Keep up the good work!

I love your magazines. I just can't get enough of them!!! I can't wait for the next one!! My favourite part of the whole magazines is the exciting plays. They're sooo fun!! Keep on squawking!

I love your magazine so much that when I get it I literally read the whole thing straight away. I enjoy reading the magazines over and over again. I hope you continue making wonderful magazines for years to come.

Reading Orbit magazine is amazing. The plays in the Magazine are great too! I feel like i'm Shakespeare writing the plays and acting the plays. It so fun when our class is acting a scenes from the play. Thanks Mungo for putting plays in the Orbit magazine.

I love your magazine, it is SO awesome!!! I love all the fictional stories. They are so fun to read. They always let me relax and read the wonderful stories. They even have even have all the genres. Humour, fantasy, mystery, plays ... I could go on forever!
Your #1 fan, Nikola

Touchdown is by far the best magazine I have ever read. My school started reading them early last year, and ever since then I've been enthralled. I can't wait to get my hands on the next issue every time that big box arrives in our classroom.
Your numero uno fan ... Anna

I love Orbit school magazine! My favourite things in your mag are the stories and comics- they're cool! I think the story ‘The intruder' is cool because it is actually the Tooth Fairy! I think the hybrid plants are a great idea. I was thinking of a banana-chocolate hybrid plant. Enjoy growing more plants, feeding the chooks at Mellow Yard and of course editing Orbit school magazine.

Your Mag's are gobsmacking!!!! They are just AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!!!!! They are a great way to pass time and are VERY enjoyable! The world will lose SO much if there were no Touchdown magazines in the world! I love everything in your mag (especially the comics!!) and the first thing I do when I start reading is flip the cover so I can dive in and see what is happening to the "BOY WHO WAS NEVER AFRAID", then I would scratch my brain trying to figure out the crossword and then relax with the poems. Quite a great combination!! I am blessed to have these magazines in my life!!
your #0 (that is higher than #1) fan, Kinar

How do you make your make your mag so ... what's the word? EPIC!!!!! I absolutely love your mag!!!!!!!! I love the plays and the stories!!!! My favourite item in this mag was Anansi and the Sky God stories!!! It was totally awesome!!!! The ‘Robot School' comic is so good! Each month I automatically turn to that page and read it!! One thing I hope you can do is put more magic tricks in TD! I think one is not enough! Other than that I think TD = The #1 MAG!
PS Say hi to Pencils, Beyonce and Phyllis!! THANKS!
Your #1 fan Randall!!

Your Mag is the best ever. I love the way that you set out your magazine. I loved the story the Lima Bean Queen. I liked the story because it had a really sensitive storyline to it and allowed the emotions to really drop off the page and actually come to real life. I thought that the author who wrote this short is an absolute legend. Make sure you say a big thankyou to him from me and tell him that I liked his story a lot.

I loved your poem. It was great so I wrote my own one. The comics and stories are the best! Even the pictures are better than the rest. I love the ‘getting started' one, it looks so cool. It is even better that the ones at school. Thank you for the mag, it's great I sure did love Touchdown eight!

I love reading Blast Off. I made a poem about the magazine. Wonderful magazine Out of this world Reading everyday Daydreaming while reading Super great

I totally love your mags. In the #7 mag I love the little squirt poem. What is your favourite magazine Hamlet? I love your front cover pages!

I have never emailed to you before so I will say this as best as I can, well, I love your crosswords and the plays, they make me want to go on stage and do them [and laugh at the same time]. I loved the play THE MUNGURRI BUS KIDS in Blast Off #7 and it would be nice if they made a part two of them with there new bus also have you been the main character in this magazine for nearly 95 years and is this email long enough.

I still have Countdown from last year, and my brother is willing to read it because he loves the jokes, activities and plays although he is in kindergarten. He tries to stretch the words and he also likes to try Hamlet's special word Hoobalahdoobalahdoobalah even typing Hamlet's word makes me and my brother dizzy. Although it is challenging it is fun to say. The magazine is what first got me into reading. Now I love reading and take hours to finish.
you #1 magazine lover Tania

I really like The School Magazine. I really love ‘Alien encounters'. I can't wait till the next episode comes out. I also love the crosswords. They are really, really fun to do. My friends and I love trying to figure them out. It is great fun. And best of all—the stories are FANTASTIC and bring me to a whole new world. Your magazine is TERRIFIC, FANTASTIC and it is great. In fact it is the best magazine I have ever read and our class loves it. PS I also terribly love the picture of 4B in her spaceship. What does Hoobaladoobaladoobala and Pffffffffffffffft mean?

I love your School Mag—it's awesome! I love writing hakius so here is one about you: Hamlet All different colours Your mag is the best, Hamlet Cool mag—it's awesome!

I really like the magazines. They are thrilling! They are the best magazines I have read in my entire life! I give the September issue five stars. I always read ‘Magic daze'. It's the best. It's also hilarious.

I love your mags, especially March's one talking about guinea pigs because I have two pet guinea pigs called Nibbles and Squirt.

I love the comic ‘Magic daze' .I love the beautiful colour in the pictures. It is so good!! I wish I had a book like that. Great work! I don't like that it always end in a fun part. I can't wait!!

This is Frankie. When I get my magazine I read ‘Robot School'. My favourite poem is ‘Hist' because there are rhyming words. Well, ‘Hist' is amazing. I want more cartoons because they are so cool.

I really like your stories, cartoons, plays, find a words and crosswords. I also like your pictures. I hope you keep on making good magazines like the September issue.

I really like your mag. I love all the chickens and the crosswords. They help me mellow out, dude! I love ‘Robot School'. It's AWESOME! I made up a new hybrid. It's called the Coca Cola Candy Tree! I hope you like it. My favourite author is JK Rowling. Could you put some of her stories in your magazine? Peace out and be HIPPY!

My name is Emma. I like all of your chooks my favorites are Mao-Jiao because Mao-Jiao does chook-fu. Next year I'm doing kung-fu. I like another chook called Thisbe because Thisbe likes music and I like writing songs and playing the piano.

I REALLY love your school mags and especially ‘Robot School'. Every time our class gets the mags I go straight to it. Can you put more funny plays into our mags because they are awesome! My class and I say a great big hi to you and your chooks!
Your #1 fan, Jacinta

Peace my name is Shannen. I love your magazines they are so awesome. My fav chicken is Betty Berkley. Bye from your favourite fan !!!!
PS An awesome hybrid for your garden would be cheese and vegemite (our teacher's favourite)

I love your mag. I especially love the ‘Robot School' comic in each edition. This month's comic was fantastic. Tic is my favourite character. I can't wait for the next issue. I have invented a cool new plant for your garden. It is called a Griffin Tree. In summer it is an icy pole tree and in winter it has cups of hot chocolate.

My name's Annie, and my friend Lauren and I LOOOOOVE reading Orbit! We just can't get enough of all the far-out stories, awesome articles and wicked poems—more, more, MORE!!! My favourite chicken is Urks, closely followed by Thisbe and Mervyn, and Lauren's favourite chicken is Kerouac, followed by Fangia! I am totally addicted to the ‘Horse talk' article in May Issue, No. 4 2011: the horse is my favourite animal. Lauren likes to read all of your comics and plays.
the Orbitoids, Annie and Lauren